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Your buildings are probably your biggest asset, however, leave maintenance and repair to chance and they can be one of your biggest liabilities. When things go wrong, your workplace environment could end up draining your financial resources and result in detrimental downtime for your business.

With image in mind, Davco Interiors’ maintenance packages will avoid your offices and buildings looking worn and tired. Our cost-effective office and building maintenance services packages can offer you much more than the occasional quick repair and fix (although we can do that too).

As your building maintenance partner, Davco Interiors helps you to think ahead and prepare a schedule of preventative maintenance that will be cost-effective in the long-term.

Put your maintenance needs in our hands and let us provide you with a service which will:

• Prioritise the needs of your business, workspace and staff
• Schedule all work at times convenient for you
• Offer a rapid response service to emergencies
• Be reliable, trustworthy and time conscious
• Provide friendly and knowledgeable tradespeople
• Administer discretion around the sensitivities of your business
• Sustain fantastic customer service

From an occupied office to a complete fit-out or anywhere in between, we strive to deliver with minimum disruption.

Whatever you want to achieve, from a simple repair to a complete refurbishment contact us and we will help you to make it happen.